Thursday, February 16, 2012

monologue nirvana

when we think we look good.. grave and sad.. thats how we like it to be..

when we know our laugh and smiles.. cheer around.. we crack jokes at every opportunity..

we become or we like.. what we think we look or are in best.. its not about being happy or sad by fate.. but by choice. as we want it to be..

you see its all in mind.

the day a grumpy man realizes his smile is beautiful.. and his quips serve a purpose.. his calculating mind will crack at every opportune moment..

and the day a squeaky-giggling girl realizes.. her sobriety is what his prince charming has fallen for.. she becomes a ghost of herself..

and people think they have matured or found elixir of life.. maybe they have.. by discovering.. not this but that.. is what makes people entice.

so as the Great *recently discovered philosopher* described.. life is a bowl of noodle salad.. if this is what you wish it to be..

or the beauty of enchanting.. grave.. melancholy.. if you can make it.. or retain it.. for sane watchful hours..

or switch from one to another.. as it demands.. as per convenience.. or changing of masks as they call it.

how can one pretend one is happy.. when one is not.. laugh plastic at a joke.. while crying inside..

no.. not possible..

when they laugh they are indeed enjoying.. the rest of the pictures have been side-lined..

the flux of switch depends on gravity of planes inside.. graver a subject.. it has a better momentum..

but it can rarely.. explicitly.. strike outside influence.. though *rarely* does exist.. we know and have experienced well..

and the fact remains.. sustenance of an expression of one's influencing adjective.. like gay.. sad.. vivacious.. is of a man's choosing.. not the fate or circumstance's doing..

and we cant change or coerce unless we've found a mirrored beauty in the reflection of the other found.. facets.. which ideally should all be jumped around..

or else.. what else is life lived!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inspiring - The Beautiful

O beautiful face!
you inspire me..

O beautiful face!
you conspire.. for me..

a look into you
& I discover
re-discover all thats beautiful around.

as beautiful as your face!

its a mirror for me, to see
to see whats all worth seeing
and thats 'all' to see.

may the world be you
and pursue, all for you

be so beautiful!

Was mesmerized! Though her glory reached me a little late. Instantly a rhapsody followed and was captured to display. Wish I could capture, as it was 'hummed'. Now all for reader to figure. Adele.