Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love is Cheshire Cat

Read a Blog posted at : http://thoughtcourt.wordpress.com/2008/09/25/if-you-love-someone-dont-set-them-free
It was a sort of Debate on a famous lines -
“If you love someone, set her free. If she comes back, she’s yours. If she doesn’t, she never was.”

With people discussing in depth over Love as it should be – Binding or Floating free!!

And I had some opinions of my own.

Love is a complete Overrated Feeling or Thing for that matter.
I consider myself a very passionate and romantic person, but when I dvelve deeper into the subject of Love with a person, my opinions change.
Been in and out of it couple of times. And I believe its most beautiful when you are in it, like a Beautiful Dream of childhood. With all fairytale ingrediants.
But if you HAVE to get out of it, for any reason; it needs some effort, lots of self-inflicting pain, self-sympathy and what not!
But once you are out of it, it is like it was never there before.
And it all seems so normal, with no regrets of being in it and no pain of now being out of it.
And even if you dont have to come out of it, it mitigates within some span of time, not as affection or care, but as the Divine feeling you felt. That Headiness, Benevolence, of being Liquidated, then Vaporized in the atmosphere!!
For all these is an effect of a chemical reaction in Brain, affecting temporarily (where the span differs for people and situation).

So, this entire hoopla of Letting Go or Tie down is not exactly about Love as I understand, its more about Relationship(s).
And how to tend them, nurture them and keep them breathing healthy and alive!!

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