Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meditating Meditation!

Was going through a Pro and Anti article on Meditation. It listed the benefits of Meditation as known to us since years, before listing on the negatives. One amongst them being Depressive to an extent that made people suicidal and others on same lines.
It made me think on the activity from my own perspective. I have been indulging in meditation since quite a time. Though cant exactly remember when I started it but in a learned way, since I attended a full day Yoga class by some acclaimed Yoga instructor(cant remember the name!!) in class 8th.
He taught us Shavasan, which is magic for stress. And also the right way to meditate, with some very melodious chants and hymns. I am not too regular with it, but whenever I do, it makes a difference.
If am too excited with thoughts swooshing tangentially across my buzzing head, it de-stresses me by providing an outlet for all the questions. So that I can let them in, one-by-one providing a solution for each, before facing the next one.
And when am too low, devoid of any motivation or desires; it pumps life in my body. I feel the gush of blood flowing in my veins which makes me ready to find challenges of life. It wakes up my dozing mind from slumber, infuses life in my limbs..
So I feel it works both ways for me.
It will certainly work as a Depressant if one indulges in it needlessly and continuously, forgetting ones worldly duties and responsibilities.

I were born here for a purpose, for some duty to my society, nation, family, friends and people in general.
And if I were born to find the meaning of life, death, the vicious circle then I'll rather be a scientist – reasoning on logic and science OR be an ascetic – looking at the world from higher plain, looking inward, introspecting on deeper meanings of life!!
Higher plains of meditation are for ascetics and experimentalists of Life!! People like us should use it as a medicine - in small portions but definitely, as it works like a remedy for our ill minds.

A knife can cut vegetables and be a murder weapon too. Depends on how you use it!
We make a thing work negative or positive, basis our state of mind and intentions.

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