Monday, July 6, 2009

Ode to my Poetry Muse

And now that they have gone, and the times too; I can reflect on them and try summarizing.
For me it was the first time working in such a lavish, magnanimous and royal organization.

The tranquility, peace and its solitary environment was excellently conducive for me to rejuvenate or rather discover my poetic prowesses.
Poetry simply emanated from me at every hour, minute and moment I spent there.
Am sure it was all work of beautiful geography and weather of the place, which made people and place so serene.

Had I been there a bit long, I would have charted my own madhushala, with no dearth of inspirations for the entire affect.

These two years I wrote poetry more than I wrote in my entire lifetime.
Maybe this was that sabbatical I always I thought I would take, though that was planned to be in my mid 30s!!
I had thought it shall be in some village in mountains, where I would walk and write whatever would inspire me.
Here, sure I did walk a lot. And also wrote hell lot of stuff, all of which was so spontaneous, rhymed(to my surprise, always!!), and beautiful too – as I loved it.

I am sure I will not be able to churn so much anytime later in my life, unless deported to a similar place in similar situations.

But I shall cherish all these things forever my life. Its the love of having a look at your creation, sort of self-love!!
And I knew it would definitely have a full stop to it, which has been recently reached.
With no regrets whatsoever..

But I would always love the place which made an actual poet of me, an image which I thought was buried inside me and was not sure when would resurrect.
So, now I know the place which could be a breeding ground of that facet of me.
Though, I never want to face that melancholy again and would like to cherish this one trip for ever as the only one.
For I have scaled my Everest of lyrics for once and exalted in the self-glory!!