Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who is an Idiot?

Some days back while roaming through the Blogspot community, I came across a Blogger who otherwise had an interesting array of posts.
But this was one archive post which really made me go on the offensive and comment postdated.
On later thoughts, I realized there might be several people with similar sentiments so this post and comment deserve an entry 'For the People' too.

The Blog post can be referred at :

And this is what I think about it:
Am not adequately qualified to brand somebody as an Idiot or not.
But what I know is that when you are not even aware of how the government works, been working in past and intends to do so in future, you wont have a clue as to the authenticity of such reports.

Am not sure of your credentials but I know the person who wrote this held an important office in foreign embassies for India, been an integral part of the Government [of course, like many others..] and if he says something, you cannot just brand the person an IDIOT, just because you don't understand the system.

Am not sure if you vote too, and if you do, if you try to know the past and present of the candidates, other than what you hear in the mish-mash of Brand Advertising and Blind following.

Am sure you do watch American movies, specially those Government Thrillers, where they show thousands of things going in White House kept secret from the public for various reasons.
This does not just happens in English movies, its a fact for any country, for no country is a Real Democracy!!

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