Friday, October 30, 2009

Comment Re/De comment

No offense meant. Just a self-interesting time pass on a Terribly boring Friday.
These are my response to my GTalk peer's Status Messages at a particular snapshot.

Gtalk Peer: His/Her message [Or the gist]
My take.

Aman: Available
You are married n still saying so!! jhoote.. pagal bana raha hai

Anupama: :(
why dear!! May God bless u with a reverted smiley :)

Binny: The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on :)
The old man who smiles is because hes got Fresh dentures to show-off!!

I dont drive: something about some disease
go to some doctor and try get a repair done. This wont lead you anywhere.

Nachi: bout some yummilicious sweet propaganda!!
Thats bad. you tempt others with such offerings making us forget our dietry compulsions n urself are on a penance.

Nishant: the copy paste guy
I guess would have / would be replying to your inspiration.

shoumik: toooooo#%## tooooo$#$%##
no replies for the socially hazardous status message.

sumit4all: There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.
Hope you are following all your gospels. Next time i expect to see you in white/saffron/brown robes.

Hell: Sainik Farms Chalo!
wahi le jaake saare paapiyon ko peetega na!! I know all your tricks.

Madhu: is dam kicked to be part of foley designs....
and I rarely understand her mumbo jumbo. May God bless her with all the vivacity[if theres such a word]

sachin:link to a techie blog
Is that yours?? Do you write all that stuff??

Upkar: God looks to bless those who bravely step out in faith, and all kinds of wonderful and not-so-coincidental opportunities come from that.
Is it?? I need to understand that.

Vishnu: I’m not lazy. I’m motivationally challenged. So I’ll join a gym when they put in a dessert bar :)
And link to his blog. [which rarely gets updated :P, now i expect d boomrang]
Vishnu, I never knew that you drink?? You getting bad habits in there.

Rahul: Idli - Sorry I mean IDLE
My bro!! I love you for being so.. I mean humorous!!

Waiting for more!! I am loving ittt!!
I apologise for the Heavy Commenting again. Empty mind is the Devil's Workshop. Hope this Devil is satiated by this blog post alone.


  1. yeah kaun hai ?? Someone i know???

  2. ha ha ha!!!
    boss pehchana nahi!!
    am the one who went to Blr like so many others and came back some 6 months back!! :)