Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sheila vs Munni - a short literature

Complete-surrender of munni and Pricy-act of sheila are two different facets of the same woman.

She's all ga-ga over kisi aur ki mujhko zarurat kya mai to khud ko gale lagaun...
and once shes taken shes all mai cinema-hall hui tere tere tere liye...

Women though always enjoy the sheila act, gyrating and teasing admist plethora of lynching mob yet equally love boasting lambu and saifu .. queued up though shes all for her non-moneyed anari..

Men relatively prefer sheila over munni until they get their own munni. And thats why the reasoning of men swooning over sheila while women secretly in love with munni, though they love indulging in sheila act while in all-girls gang.

PS : These opinions are completely based on a short survey basis the eavesdropping. You might have been spared the act and thats why it does not reflect your opinions.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fall as colorful

wish such an autumn was here!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

de-learn to re-wise

Lack of posts on this blog are not due to lack of fodder or initiative or time. It was only because I was not able to decide what sort of writing I should indulge-in for public forum.

Off late had been lurking across numerous blogs and noticing how the most interesting ones sound so similar to me or my own experiences. They might be too personal for the writer who in most cases are some sort of celebrities.

I always thought I should write voice of reason on public platforms. But then sometimes with age we de-learn or get less conscious of things around.

So, with the added wisdom I shall return with some innane me.

Keep clued in!!

(who knows this might be a start to my celebdom!! :P)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

चाँद बढा इतराता है

चाँद बढा इतराएगा
चादर कास कर सो जायेगा

शाम को उसकी दावत है
सज धज के मामा आएगा
पीली थाली से चेहरे पे
प्यारी मुस्कान सजाएगा

भूख से व्याकुल महिलाए
चक्कर खा, भोग लगाएंगी
श्रद्धा से शीश झुकएँगी

पास खड़े कुरतेधारी आज secondary हो जायेंगे
जब चंदा खुश हो जायेंगे
तब ही focus में आयेंगे

और एक साल चंदा मामा
सूरज को रोज़ चिढ़ायेंगे
तुम पे तो जल ही चढ़ता है
पर आज मेरी महिमा देखो

हर घर में मेरी आहट के
चर्चे दिन भर ही रहते हैं
और प्रथम दरस को पाते ही
ऐसा welcome हम पाते हैं

फिर चाँद बढा इतराता है
शाम की आव-भगत को सोच
वो चादर कस सो जाता है

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ram Vs Ravan I

Dussera, the Celebration of Victory!
Victory of Good over Evil. Of Ram over Ravan. Of Man over Rakshas. Of Righteousness over Sin...

We know what it means, what it conveys. The symbolism, the story notwithstanding.

It preaches us to oppose and fight; whats immoral, whats wrong, whats sinful, whats bad and is .. maybe inside us.

The truth wins and the sinner gets slayed, however strong it/he might be. The lesson is elaborated in the epic Ramayana. It is a long and descriptive narration, of all that Ram and Sita endured since teenage. Fought and won against the mighty, ten-headed Ravan.

They were not only pitted against the immensely powerful Rakshas but were also dutifully following their Dharma, which made the war and journey even more difficult.
As they say, it is easier and takes less time to reach a destination unethically. But then, an unblemished victory is for few to taste.

The story of unattainable idealism seemed very unrealistic when I read it hundreds or even thousands of time. Watching it on television was a treat to the senses, but then such an ideal world seemed too far-fetched.

Ram is almost an unbelievable character, who dutifully accepts: all that harms or kills Him and His beloved. He is such a sacrificing soul that we are constantly in awe of him. He is not an avatar but God himself, whom we cant talk with or analyse, but just revere!
If ever, there was such a person in our vicinity we would fall to his feet every time we see him (not meet. We do not meet God!).
He is good, too good, to be true. Maybe that is why he is not interesting. He is handsome and picturesque but not intriguing.

While Ravan is all that, and more!
He is bad, entertaining. He is a colourful personality. He has a booming, almost terrorizing voice. His powers are all mystical, his motives random. He is crude with words and shrewd , though a King! He is a family man and yet he does not care about his opponents family or women for that matter.
Does he sound like heroes of present time? Our present leaders?

Is this why the media caters to mysticism of Ravan?
Dont we identify more with him than the upright (uptight!) Ram?

The ever colorful language and actions of our politicians and leaders are more in sync with Ravan. Ravan was doomed by one Sita, while they have doomed plenty such Sitas. The count reversed and increased, maybe because we do not have Ram to check it in.

Ram; if they choose to be born, die after teenage. They are not able to survive this world.

Ram Vs Ravan II

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ram Vs Ravan II

It is not just the leaders, even common-man resembles the Ten-headed.

Some such similarities being:

Respect for women, specially one who is not our own Ma-Bahen
Eve-teasing/Comments/Lurid gaze - Common man does it all.
Common woman - never comes to a fellow female's rescue unless its her own kin.

Road-side accidents
We speed past (as it has already jammed the area/dealing with police is a hassle).

National Issues / Terrorism / Crime
We will not talk about it until the day it affects us directly.
And then curse everybody in the world, for the misery.

Being Rough / Abusive / Immoral acts
They say one can not live without it. Its the norm which all follow.
One ultimately gives in, if not today then maybe tomorrow.

Principles / Uprightness / Honoring word / Dharma
We tweak it as per our convenience and then follow it dutifully until the next tweak.

Dont we resemble Ravana's clan more than Rama's? Or maybe we just imbibed him (the more interesting way of life), through centuries.

Ram was always a cardboard God for me with his God-like will-power and almost robotic, unfalliable character. Until I came across an excerpt from Ashok Banker's Ramayana series. Here Ram had a voice, a thought process and he sounded believable.
It made me believe, all what he undertook, his actions, his decisions and his God-like righteousness which was human after all.

If readers have the patience and inclination, do go through the series. I will not elaborate on my reading experience, but some of you may find it similar to Lord of Rings.
But then Ramayana was written centuries ago while LOTR came into existence only in 1950s!!

It is available on

PS: I am not a critique, just an observer

Monday, October 18, 2010

Do you have an Edge ??

Came across a Job Posted with Requisite Skills listed.
"Additional Edge" seems to be the decider.
Do you have it in you??

What you would be doing?

(1) Work the most exciting projects and service deliveries
(2) Work with the clients to understand and deliver requested features
(3) Project progress review and control
(4) Review, revision and monitoring of project schedules with respect to time and cost

Skills you should probably have:

(1) Strong working and developmental knowledge of PHP/MySQL
(2) Good object oriented and database programming skills
(3) Should have excellent communication skills
(4) Should have strong leadership skills
(5) Prior experience in managing client requirements and expectations

Additional Edge:

Should be a good singer, comedian, etc. (we do have lots of get togethers which require entertainment)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

late Starter

I thought I was brave,
very brave
And not scared, for I'll take everything head on.

I was wrong.
I was afraid of losing
Scared of failing
And that is why I never jumped,
Ran on the cliff,
Licked the razor sword
& never felt what the cold sword felt like

Its fun to loose
get scratched
get hurt
be inches away from the end..
But then its more fun
to jump in the ditch
and struggle to hold on
to bare thread
to live
and still love to live..

I have always started late in life!!

not a regret
just a realization

Friday, May 14, 2010

Does coffee actually help?

The collected effect of yesterday's sermon
the deprivation
the accumulation over the days since..
the dope
and me

the gongs striking my ear drum
and weak caffeine hitting my palate
more of it is sugar
making it little unbearable
n yet the hope that it might tear apart the dark veil through

have never been doped so deep
is it actually deprivation
or all of it

loud music helps
very loud helps better
knock of tabla on my sleeping conscious
which nothing could tear through...

a small unfinished write-up