Tuesday, May 25, 2010

late Starter

I thought I was brave,
very brave
And not scared, for I'll take everything head on.

I was wrong.
I was afraid of losing
Scared of failing
And that is why I never jumped,
Ran on the cliff,
Licked the razor sword
& never felt what the cold sword felt like

Its fun to loose
get scratched
get hurt
be inches away from the end..
But then its more fun
to jump in the ditch
and struggle to hold on
to bare thread
to live
and still love to live..

I have always started late in life!!

not a regret
just a realization

Friday, May 14, 2010

Does coffee actually help?

The collected effect of yesterday's sermon
the deprivation
the accumulation over the days since..
the dope
and me

the gongs striking my ear drum
and weak caffeine hitting my palate
more of it is sugar
making it little unbearable
n yet the hope that it might tear apart the dark veil through

have never been doped so deep
is it actually deprivation
or all of it

loud music helps
very loud helps better
knock of tabla on my sleeping conscious
which nothing could tear through...

a small unfinished write-up