Monday, October 18, 2010

Do you have an Edge ??

Came across a Job Posted with Requisite Skills listed.
"Additional Edge" seems to be the decider.
Do you have it in you??

What you would be doing?

(1) Work the most exciting projects and service deliveries
(2) Work with the clients to understand and deliver requested features
(3) Project progress review and control
(4) Review, revision and monitoring of project schedules with respect to time and cost

Skills you should probably have:

(1) Strong working and developmental knowledge of PHP/MySQL
(2) Good object oriented and database programming skills
(3) Should have excellent communication skills
(4) Should have strong leadership skills
(5) Prior experience in managing client requirements and expectations

Additional Edge:

Should be a good singer, comedian, etc. (we do have lots of get togethers which require entertainment)

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