Friday, October 22, 2010

Ram Vs Ravan I

Dussera, the Celebration of Victory!
Victory of Good over Evil. Of Ram over Ravan. Of Man over Rakshas. Of Righteousness over Sin...

We know what it means, what it conveys. The symbolism, the story notwithstanding.

It preaches us to oppose and fight; whats immoral, whats wrong, whats sinful, whats bad and is .. maybe inside us.

The truth wins and the sinner gets slayed, however strong it/he might be. The lesson is elaborated in the epic Ramayana. It is a long and descriptive narration, of all that Ram and Sita endured since teenage. Fought and won against the mighty, ten-headed Ravan.

They were not only pitted against the immensely powerful Rakshas but were also dutifully following their Dharma, which made the war and journey even more difficult.
As they say, it is easier and takes less time to reach a destination unethically. But then, an unblemished victory is for few to taste.

The story of unattainable idealism seemed very unrealistic when I read it hundreds or even thousands of time. Watching it on television was a treat to the senses, but then such an ideal world seemed too far-fetched.

Ram is almost an unbelievable character, who dutifully accepts: all that harms or kills Him and His beloved. He is such a sacrificing soul that we are constantly in awe of him. He is not an avatar but God himself, whom we cant talk with or analyse, but just revere!
If ever, there was such a person in our vicinity we would fall to his feet every time we see him (not meet. We do not meet God!).
He is good, too good, to be true. Maybe that is why he is not interesting. He is handsome and picturesque but not intriguing.

While Ravan is all that, and more!
He is bad, entertaining. He is a colourful personality. He has a booming, almost terrorizing voice. His powers are all mystical, his motives random. He is crude with words and shrewd , though a King! He is a family man and yet he does not care about his opponents family or women for that matter.
Does he sound like heroes of present time? Our present leaders?

Is this why the media caters to mysticism of Ravan?
Dont we identify more with him than the upright (uptight!) Ram?

The ever colorful language and actions of our politicians and leaders are more in sync with Ravan. Ravan was doomed by one Sita, while they have doomed plenty such Sitas. The count reversed and increased, maybe because we do not have Ram to check it in.

Ram; if they choose to be born, die after teenage. They are not able to survive this world.

Ram Vs Ravan II

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