Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ram Vs Ravan II

It is not just the leaders, even common-man resembles the Ten-headed.

Some such similarities being:

Respect for women, specially one who is not our own Ma-Bahen
Eve-teasing/Comments/Lurid gaze - Common man does it all.
Common woman - never comes to a fellow female's rescue unless its her own kin.

Road-side accidents
We speed past (as it has already jammed the area/dealing with police is a hassle).

National Issues / Terrorism / Crime
We will not talk about it until the day it affects us directly.
And then curse everybody in the world, for the misery.

Being Rough / Abusive / Immoral acts
They say one can not live without it. Its the norm which all follow.
One ultimately gives in, if not today then maybe tomorrow.

Principles / Uprightness / Honoring word / Dharma
We tweak it as per our convenience and then follow it dutifully until the next tweak.

Dont we resemble Ravana's clan more than Rama's? Or maybe we just imbibed him (the more interesting way of life), through centuries.

Ram was always a cardboard God for me with his God-like will-power and almost robotic, unfalliable character. Until I came across an excerpt from Ashok Banker's Ramayana series. Here Ram had a voice, a thought process and he sounded believable.
It made me believe, all what he undertook, his actions, his decisions and his God-like righteousness which was human after all.

If readers have the patience and inclination, do go through the series. I will not elaborate on my reading experience, but some of you may find it similar to Lord of Rings.
But then Ramayana was written centuries ago while LOTR came into existence only in 1950s!!

It is available on

PS: I am not a critique, just an observer