Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sheila vs Munni - a short literature

Complete-surrender of munni and Pricy-act of sheila are two different facets of the same woman.

She's all ga-ga over kisi aur ki mujhko zarurat kya mai to khud ko gale lagaun...
and once shes taken shes all mai cinema-hall hui tere tere tere liye...

Women though always enjoy the sheila act, gyrating and teasing admist plethora of lynching mob yet equally love boasting lambu and saifu .. queued up though shes all for her non-moneyed anari..

Men relatively prefer sheila over munni until they get their own munni. And thats why the reasoning of men swooning over sheila while women secretly in love with munni, though they love indulging in sheila act while in all-girls gang.

PS : These opinions are completely based on a short survey basis the eavesdropping. You might have been spared the act and thats why it does not reflect your opinions.

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  1. You have a funny blog here. :D

    I don't know about other girls but I can say this about myself and most of my friends, we love Munni waaaay better than Sheila. Munni is the right amount of sensual, the right about of sexy and the right amount of tadka. Sheila may have a sexy body and sexy moves but she can't carry it off like Munni. She is concious of her body and har face, far from being sexy, is completely devoid of any expressions.

    Evidently, I have watched both and danced to both innumerable times. :P