Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the sabbatical

The humid, slight brown colored brick-pavement, laden with wet mud sticking so steadfastly that it fails to stick to my high-pressure temporary influence. As I walk on it, step-by-step, steady as I am, cant fail to feel the hypnosis around. The day I will stop pacing is when I will stop breathing.

Each day as I start on this reddish-brown pavement I wrestle on a thought. The thought, a question which is confidant of a mate of a solution by the time I end. And finally I will have to take up this son of a devil today. Though it resides at the extreme end and yet keeps lessening my breathes at any instant.

27 years! 27 long years which swooshed by.. since I found this place, this path for my morning feed. And it gave me my bliss, my life-mate, my kids. Clean air and environment to bring them up, unpolluted. Far from the maddening crowd! How irrelevant!

27 years since I came to my calling. All was nicely planned and God was with me in ensuring I stuck to it. While in college itself had planned to complete education and work as diligently possible till 35. Earn a place in the league and money for my sabbatical. Then at 35 leave it all to come to this Agathaisc place and submerge in my love of writing. Not to use any sort of technology, just me and the old-fashioned way of unpolluted writing. Two years maximum and then back to active city life!

And then two years passed .. where I even failed to notice day or dates. This path … ohh! am almost at the end. Cannot let it hanging, will have to wrap up today itself..

And then I met her. It was all pre-decided. Marriage, then Suvarna.. two years later Swastik. Could have never lived such a life in city. Now they are all grown-up and nicely settled abroad. Its always better there than our crude cities. God knows what has become of them.. the cities

Parents and siblings were happy. They had a mountain retreat for vacations. This new birth was surreal for me, and wife being from here itself liked being with her own people. But..

now.. or even before.. or sometimes.. or always. at the back of my mind.. dont know!

Need to turn back.. Seems it will be some more rounds today.

I guess I missed the clutter, The competition? Dont think so. But something I was born with and left behind. I guess the initial plan's digression, it was. I never felt the need to go back. My writings paid me sufficiently, family was here. I could meet the rest whenever they visited. And yet..


Maybe the same thing which made me snake-walk this pavement today.

But is it possible? Am beyond retirement age now, though that rarely counts in private companies. But am completely out of my earlier domain. I can pick it up. I guess google still works!

Would wife resent it. No! shes such a supportive kind soul. She will be with me. am sure she'll support. But do I want to… ?

Spent entire life in this humid shack, almost no neighbours (at least the kind I could call one). Our small world and me.. and this pavement. Three-and-a-half I guess.

Ohh! Wife is there! So nubile even now (it is in her genes). Her eyes look a little large today. Doe like. Romantic at 60! She is wearing something different too.. What is this..

“Hey honey! seems you have fallen for this brick path! “ - she shouted.

The way she radiates the sunshine smile..

We can come again next year for our anniversary – she smiled coyly as she said.

Oh no. I am coming.

She looks as divine as she felt at night..

“Even 15 days is not enough for you! Should I ask the cab guy to go back?” she giggles so sugar..

Oh no! Lets go home dear…

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  1. Abstractish but interesting narration.

  2. @Purba - nice that you liked it.
    thanks for visiting!