Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brainwave - Anti Corruption

Lets start from the beginning as in the way it began for me..
an ex-collegue who is a neo-activist on various issues ranging from - environment, literacy campaigns, outings for under-privileged, started *it* as a tweet on DandiMarch.

It was to be held in Bangalore and me being in NCR was free to get missing-it excuse though that was one thing I earnestly wanted to be a part of.

Confession: (I can shout it from the officetops too, for that is where I actually talk in open voice).. moreover I confess because I can defend it and convince too.
Ok, now for the actual confession : Am a Gandhi fan or a Gandhian or .. any similar term which implies I agree with Gandhiji's methods or rather I love them.
Another confession : I have used them successfully in my daily life (including professional).

And. I am proud and rightfully accept Gandhiji as The Father of the Nation and not just because it has been declared so.

Therefore Dandi March was like a date-with-SRK for SRK fan or egyption-mummy-rondavu for an archeologist... (dont mind spellings, cudnt waste time googling..). In all what I could have wished for, to be a part of my yester-years Hero!

And then mildly the rumor heard, its going to be organised in NCR too. But by then domestic callings were too severe to answer the romantic calling..

Then that apostle of Activism(ex-collegue.. yes he is friend too) propagated another plug on #Apr5 fast. It mentioned some lokpal bill and some assumption was made. It is meant for betterment of villages and their daily rozgaar.. (cant help it.. lokpal implied all things desi..) tried reading it. But was utterly boring and could not even reach THE WORD - #corruption, when I abandoned.

and now its going on n on n on.. seems I wont reach the actual point today..

And then it started being randomly tweeted by different people in different veins. And as I dont read newspapers nowadays, this was the only place where I heard it.

Anna Hazaare was mentioned. Knew he is a reliable and respected figure. Gandhian - more respect. Freedom fighter - even more. But then the question popped - why just the Bill? Why not complete whitewash or accountability of government .. and other strong words.

What is the ultimate aim? Remove the #chors (ya thats the best or worst I can call them as..) But the opposition is not ready.. n blah blah blah.. I have Arundhati Roy types essay for them.


I believe in clear-Ends not Means. Fast / Morcha / Candlelights / ... all non-violent means and I believe in them. Because :
1) They are easier to follow for non-trained and physically easy people.
2) They are better at garnering masses.
3) Being a poor and rozi-roti mattering more country, are cheaper.
There could be many more points.

But the End was not clear. Therefore I was not convinced too. It will fizzle out as it will not convince the intelligentsia (not me not me.. others..) and is actually not showing The Son of God, as a vision too.

and it goes on.. please bear..

Then I saw some sane people sanely being a part of it. They did not have convincing arguments. But there was something because of which they decided to be with it.

lot of other psychological analysis.. but would leave it here..

Read the bill finally. Both. Ok not in detail, but as much as I needed to form an opinion. Whatever my issues were initially, now sound too trivial to quote here. But may do it in future.

There was a thought-process which convinced me to support it. Those points may again get trivialised or refined in future. But as of now I have faith in what it would achieve.

Here is the so-called jist :
Current is a corrupt Govt.. We all know irrespective of the parties we have been voting for or the ideologies we follow.
Reason being, not an accountable or strong leader at the helm of affairs.
Ministers are creating opportunites and stealing and on being questioned passing on bucks to non-existent entities. Experts can define it even better..

Common man who works hard and earns well too, is not directly affected by it as of now. But the enormity and frequency of surfacing scams do give a loud thump to cholestroled hearts.

Educated and history read masses know what our future could be if this carries on. Parallel solution - we will vote next time. To whom? We will see then.
Can we do anything else? Moreover personally we are not suffering financially etc.. etc..
So leave it at that.

Some other pricking questions discouraging participation.
Are we clean ourselves?
Have we never indulged in act of corruption? bribing etc..
Are we ready to forsake all convinience for the sake of morals/ethics?

In the mind.. Yes we are ready to change. But would others change?

Maybe the bill wont pass. It has some doubtful clauses already.
Maybe it'll get recharted to each of billion indians satisfaction.
Maybe it will get passed but those semi-hated people would chair it (reason for the feelings am still not clear about)
Maybe .....

But one thing am sure of, whoever will participate will atleast change him/her self .. They will be convinced of non-corruption and will not let their future generations be comfortable with the practice.

Secondly, government is comprised of people. Weak and selfish people. Rollbacks were introduced to counter mass's dissatisfaction and reduce vote loss.

And such a mass-movement will compel them to behave. Behave better. Not just them but any khadi-khaaki..

A mass movement shows the collective spirit and strength of intentions. Sincere intentions.

I am with it as I believe in the strength of numbers. Means irrespective.. Ways irrespective..

I support eradication of Corruption! I support our new Gandhi baba!!

think and decide..


  1. Very good read. I liked your honest post.

  2. Corruption is the biggest malaise dogging India