Thursday, April 28, 2011


My account has been hacked! - I panicked as I tried thrice logging in my blog-spot account.
Fourth time, when I was just mid-way scanning data of probable miscreants, it gave in. It was part-relief and part-disappointment. Disappointment because not everybody gets hacked, it is a sign of social (or any other ..el) popularity.

So as I digressed. The reason behind my failed attempts was 12'o'clock logging-in. This is not a regular phenomenon. Rarely I have written anything beyond 12. And if I have ever done so, it either must have been some creepy message or pieces even I wont EVER read again. Concluding, I am not much of a late night writer or typer (just invented - please remove the red bar).

Then why am I here at this unearthly hour?
This is because, since some time my chain of thoughts is getting multi-fangled, mangled and juxtaposed and writing it out seemed to be the best possible step towards clarity.
So, here I am writing at 20 minutes past 12, hence need benefit of grammar / logic / vocabulary / spelling / etc etc.. deviants.

I write in the hope that it will get better by day and more-so by night.

I love to believe that I was a good (rather a very good) writer during my hey-days(school!). Though it could be, that I was just better amongst the lot. While now, as I read my own writing, I find it lacking in flow, too pompous and inspired by various writers I have been reading but only in parts.
And all these incoherent parts, merge to form a complex flow of my multifarious mind. Producing a completely uninspiring and uninteresting piece of writing which is too much to muddle with.

I know, rather am quite sure, this wont get better any soon. This is because I write what I think and try to say. The way one talks and writes are little different, as various pauses in speech give clarity to the long sentence. While in writing there are no pauses or stressed-words. Therefore a long sentence loses all meaning and logic. Long sentences have always been my Achilles heel(even in school). Probably writing is my weak point and strength is logic and imagination.
And this led me to believe I write well.

Considering I do not have much to do nowadays, let me work on one of my perceived strengths to make it workable atleast. And maybe I can start enjoying my own write-ups. That would be some satisfaction :)

And as I digressed again, 12 '0' clock was mentioned to get a waiver on any (ok all) mistakes here. Or did I talk about that already ?
*scratching head* zz zzzz zzz zz....

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