Friday, April 29, 2011

Should I or Should I not

For the record - It is going to be 2 AM, in next 4 minutes by my notebook clock.

So as I feared my yesterday's post-12 post did not make any sense when I read it in the morning.
Not just the content and flow but also the title. It was completely irrelevant. But then title has always been my weakest link.
Whenever I write a stupendous piece (again, as per my perception), my imagination goes for a toss looking for the title. And mostly I end-up picking one of the most stressed-word from the content as the Head-word.

Though sometimes I do start with an impressive title, but then fail to stick to the subject in the content. Self-inspired-bad-writer's problems!

Surprisingly, when I again read it post-12 today, it made all the sense and more. The case of post-12 conscious!
Though let alone my country I do not even expect my society people to be reading this, still I want it to be atleast my own time-zone comprehendable.
ehh what did I hear friends? Who or what friends?
Friends are just meant to be visited on their blogs, read and commented.

but but but but...

But I feel so horrid today and needed a big push of almost an hour to get back here. Been reading some spectacular stuff around. And as I cherished their writings, I loathed my own. It has given me a HUGE complex.
By 9, I had one story ready to be posted today. Then I decided to take a detour, sort of warmup and THAT was my folly! The warm up induced such a self ill-will that I decided never never to write ever.
After much coaxing and cajoling decided to be here, to atleast pen down the reason for my pre-mature retirement.

And now that it has been penned-down already, am liking it. As in the process of penning the drunk thoughts onto viral rush of words. It makes sense. Atleast post-12.
So, if I actually want to asses my writing and my will to write I need to start onto the Holy business during sane hours.

Now the eyes would barely open, let me sum it up...
zzzz zzzzzz zz zzz

One more point, I wish to write in Hindi. But! but but but but...
Again that will be as fake as my English is. Because that is not entirely how I think or write in the language.
Though as I recall, I yesterday wrote the Spoken and Written language were different. So! Now its getting too complex for my own understanding. Tomorrow being an off, will try to re-read this and understand and think and decide... *thud*

zzzz zz zzzzzzz zzz

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