Monday, May 23, 2011

to the coronation..

..and then she stood up. Not in the slow samurai fashion of movements, but as a jolt.
A jolt which she always needed to wave-off her ever inducing sleep. The world was her cradle and 'the clutter' her lullaby.
If she could, she would be on a constant *Protector posture. But she had her duties to fulfill. So many expectations and hope-ridden eyes to be satiated.
She wanted all of them to smile!

Some with whom she lived and the other 'The Huge Glossy Portraits' on her Family Wall.
While the elder son of the family chose violin over the latex suit, now She had some promises to keep.
But why Violin?
She knew, even he had those mad traits which made him choose that ghastly and difficult instrument over any of the regular ones. But after he threw his 'charmed' purple latex-suit in the gas burner, it was beyond discussion. Everybody accepted the fate. Now we will have to bear his screeching practice sessions, ever-after.

Though she had 'that' spirit of adventure in her, and yet her demure dressing sense did not allow her to don those hugging family-suits. Her mother was The Diva. When she donned them half the mercenaries would be dumb-struck by her opulence. While her 'perfected' combat-skills would slay the remaining. She was her Hero!
And yet, even the thought of slipping in 'those' slimy suits made her shudder.

In some of those hidden books she read 'Where there is a Will, There is a Way'! One of her ancestors (quite earlier ones) also had 'this' as his attack blurb. Though now such statements were passe. They could only be tongue-twisteric. She still had some time to cast a blurb for herself.

So as she willed, she got a nice layering done onto the basic suit. Toned it down with her favorite 'White'. Though white is suicidal for people of her tribe. And yet it could be camouflaged with the black cape. Quite impressed with her design, she decided today was the day.

Mask was unavoidable. Even she did not wish to come across any of her acquaintance swooping down the floors. Then fudging it up with an explanation at the next meeting. So many fudges would fudge her already fudged up mind. It was always easy being honest.
So keeping it as it is, adorned the mask while she left her crinky mouth and nose partially visible. It would help don cruelty where desired!

Her navigator watch was all set. Not her, this was His Highness's. Her delicate platinum had a weak battery. Therefore that bulky strap was handed over to ward off all 'Iff' possibilities.
Inconvenient and yet Useful.

Had it been a normal day, she would have been downing her favorite quickie-twisters with lemonade. While Her Highness would keep peeking into the room every hour admonishing her to sleep....
She again shook herself. This time it was more mental than physical.

Now she could clearly see the dark. She could see all that she could not see. As she memorized all lessons, she knew there was no need to figure out things.
She just had to run and skip and jump. Swoop and glide, and in time she will know what lies where..
Suddenly she realized, why The Elder son chose 'the instrument' which probably he may never be able to learn.

There was no turning back. She was at the edge.

Those Eyes.

'You are a Hero! You are the Protector! You are the one they were waiting for!' - On a loop

As she took her first step..

to be contd..

Protector = Lord Vishnu

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