Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quote recalled

"My Favorite Funny #Quote: When I was 5, my family forgot and left me at the fair. I wandered around in the bright sounds and smells of hot sawdust and cotton candy for hours. It was already too late by the time my parents found me. I haven't been fit for decent society since... LOL ! " - read somewhere.

This made me recall a similar incident in past. Quite in past.

When 5, even I was abandoned once. We were looking at the 'laughing joker', at Appu Ghar. I was amused by its dancing limbs. Out of habit, was trying to make a pattern of random movements. Once it was figured, I turned to look at my parents, in victory.

But they were none to be found.

It threw me in a mind-panic. My eyes were sole outlet to it. All of a sudden all movies and stories heard about abandoned children came flashing before my eyes. In that moment I started making a choice between being taken by gang of beggars or being a street urchin.
I preferred being a street urchin, as there was no fear of any limb being chopped off.

As I let go off the railing, my to-be life was shaping in mind. Could see my dirty and ragged clothes, but was not sure how or how-soon would my present clean dress reach that state.

Begging or cleaning cars was a respectable way to earn food and other basic necessities. Friends or company was not an issue, as I had seen plenty such people bonding on road-sides. Also, I was sure I would meet my family once I grow up. Was still in the process of weaving meet-the-parents story, when suddenly out of somewhere, mother appeared .

They were all smiling and trying-to-look cheerful to meet an expectedly desolate child. I smiled back with a slight disappointment.